Input meters v track meters


When recording, what can cause variance in the difference between meter levels on the inputs and those on the track level meters, given everything thing set to unity gain and everything in the strip bypassed except for obvious and necessary routing?

Thank you

Pan Law


Brief, but it’s an answer. Cheers, I’ll look into it

You asked briefly, I answered briefly. Tell us in more deatil, what the problem is, and the answer might get more detailed.

Svennilenni is very competent. And also teaching on all levels - as well concerning Cubase as “how to ask”. ;o)

Hello, please don’t take it the wrong way, there was certainly no criticism intened. In fact, I just did what you suggested and looked at pan law, ran the same checks an discovered if I set the pan law to 0dB (previously, it was ‘Equal Power’, that the inputs matched. Well, they were only 0.1dB out, where as before they’d been 3dB different. I think I can live with 0.1dB

So Svennilenni, many thanks for your brief, but uselful response to my query


No problem. You ˋre welcome.