Input MIDI merger

There already exists a “All MIDI in”, but there is only one.

Many masterkeyboards for example don’t have an expression pedal and some sound module have an input for an expression pedal. It would be nice if there were a way to combine several Midi ports.

If you only need one, you can use “All MIDI in” for that, but if you have the need to merge more than one group, there is no option.

One group with keyboard without expressen merged with expression from MIDI module.
Another group with a 61 key Keyboard to play merged with a 2 octave keyboard used for keyswitching in a sample library.

Would make sence, to have more the only “All MIDI in” for hat. Maybe min 4 Groups or as much as you want.


I was just working on something where this capability would have been real useful.


By the way, I think you can achieve this using bome midi translator.