Input monitoring, but not on the record channel

Been running C10 for a while mostly mixing and producing and aside from the obvious niggles (hitpoints!) it’s been OK. I ran into a problem today whilst recording for the first time, but can’t see a mention of it in the forum so maybe it’s just me.

First thing to say is, this works as expected in 9.5 on the same rig. In C10 I setup an audio track to record on, enable the monitor button and I get sound but no meter indication on the audio channel, the meter is working on the input channel in the mixer and I can record, but it’s a bit disconcerting not seeing any activity on the audio channel.

Anyone else getting this? Am I missing something in C10 that’s changed regarding input monitoring?


Are you saying that a waveform is not being generated? If so, there is a setting in the Cubase/Preferences menu to turn it on. Also… maybe the vertical zoom level is set too low.

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The waveform is generated, there’s just no signal being shown on the track I’m recording on. Works fine in C9.5 and no one else has posted about this on the forum so I’m a bit stumped as to what’s going on. Fortunately not a show stopper.

What you are probably not telling us is that you are using direct Monitoring - aren´t you?
If so:
Preferences → Metering → map Input bus metering to Audio track (direct Monitoring)

Thanks so much! That’s exactly it, not a preference I’ve ever come across before as it’s always just worked with the default preferences in previous versions.

Thread marked as solved!