Input Mouse Position improvements

I’m a terrible keyboard player, so I do a lot of step-input programming. I would love two features to improve step-input programming:

  1. I’d like to be able to assign a key command to Input Mouse Position, so I don’t have to click in the Key Editor to determine where I’m inputting notes, but can do it just as I can move the cursor using Input Position, which does have a key command.

  2. I’d like an option to link the Input Mouse Position to the Input Position so the two are one and the same. That way if I choose, when working in the Key Editor in step-input it will always input the notes at the cursor position (I just switched from Logic, and this is how it works in Logic and it’s great if you want to check out an example of what I mean. In Logic there is no separate Input Mouse Position vs. Input Position and it works great).

I could see the value in having a key command to enter the Input Mouse Position option for this. Thanks for the suggestion!

Some improvements are needed in the step input area, and I understand that there are long term plans to add features to it, But in the meantime-

While Step Input is active, and, If you have the status line showing in the Key or Score editor, you can tab to the Mouse Position Fields.

Armed with this knowledge, you can create the key command you need via a macro, using the command Focus - Forward. That command is equivalent to hitting the tab key. How many tabs depends on what you have showing in the Tool Bar.

For my setup, hitting the tab key three times places the cursor in the Mouse Position bar field.

So I assign a keystroke to this simple macro:

Focus - Forward
Focus - Forward
Focus - Forward

There is also the command ‘Move Insert Cursor to Part Start’