Input Not Working

Hello, I am a new user. I have encountered a problem with my Cubase LE5 software. It does not pick up the microphone. I am using an ST51 microphone which an Alesis IO2 Express box which then connects to my laptop computer via USB.

I have downloaded the ASIO4ALL link. Although this works on another laptop in my vicinity (although I do not have complete reliable access because it is not mine) this program is not picking up any sound. I am wondering if anyone else has this issue and if possible give me a few pointers.

I would like to note that my control panel is sable to see the Alesis box and responds to it when I speak. Furthermore, audacity is able to pick up the sound, which is why I suspect that the software, or perhaps the computer, is to blame.

Although I am vaguely aware that this is a common issue, I must confess that I naively bought the equipment without knowing how any recording software works. I assumed it was generally user friendly. Subsequently, most other forum posts confuse me. I apologize if this issue has been resolved numerous times, but mySteinberg cannot (or will not?) Help me and the people at guitar center are suggesting I scavenge online.

Again I am using Cubase LE5
Microphone: ST51
Windows 7
My Laptop is an Acer brand (admittedly, a bad computer brand).

Hello. Just now, I updated my windows laptop and now Cubase can see the Microphone (under VST Connections “HD Microphone” shows up and it was not there previously). And, if I am not mistaken, the VST Performance window–which displays a bar which responds to the inputs–responds ever so slightly to me talking into the microphone.

However, sound is still not registering in the program.

I feel that I am getting closer, yet I do not have the complete functionality.

Again, thanks for any and all help.

You need to have the ASIO4ALL driver selected in Cubase

I have that selected in my Cubase program, most definitely. I managed to record audio that was very WEAK, just ONCE. and, me being the idiot, deleted that track because I assumed that it was fixed. I could not replicate the audio and I am still having trouble.

Does this mean that it is the computer’s capability of acquiring the signal? I do not know much about electronics so excuse me for my ignorance. I say this because the program works on my other computer so I assume the program and set up is fine.

I don’t know what questions I should ask, or what kind of problem I have so, again, sorry for any difficulty in interpreting my problem.

Unfortunately I have yielded no results.

I have learned how to import tracks, which is something I was meaning to get to. I was able to hear the audio playback from my computer, which is splendid.

But I still cannot get my Cubase LE5 to hear my microphone. The beginner steps mentioned a “soundcard” in the tutorial; could this be the root of my problems? I am not aware of any soundcard I own (I only have an Alesis IO2 Express box which is connected to the microphone and the computer).

Thanks for the link, though. It has helped me to understand how to check my output and where the control panel is.

Thanks for any and all help.

Haha! I got it to work! after two weeks of nothing!

I went into the control panel and pressed default settings. From there I found my inputs and I mapped everything.

Thanks for all the help. I keep you guys posted to make sure this isn’t a fluke or something.