Input/Output channels : external instrument busses not visible…

Hi, all

There is a visibility issue that makes me wonder since a while : not a big deal, but still… I have three external instruments and am using an ADAT extension (Behringer ADA8200, set as slave to the Fireface UCX, set as master) to have them connected to my setup. Their routing are the following, in the Audio Connections window :

As shown, these instruments are using 6 of the 8 channels available on it. The issue is that the busses defined for them are visible, neither in MixConsole (they aren’t even listed in the Visibility tab), and consequently, nor in the project page (the two remaining channels - ADAT 7 and 8 - are both visible and used without issues as audio inputs, though).

So, the question is : is there a way to make the three stereo busses used by the external instruments appear in the Inputs/Outputs channels folder (as all the other inputs channels defined in the Studio > Audio Connections window) in the MixConsole ? This would help me to see any incoming signal coming from my external instruments without having to keep the VST Instruments opened in the project page, after making them visible with the W (write) button. A workflow inquiry, actually…

Thanks in advance.

Cubase Pro 12.0.60 / RME Fireface UCX + Behringer ADA8200 / Windows 10 (22H2).


I believe this is by design. Because the Bus is in use for the External Instrument it doesn’t make sense to use it for any other purpose.

Yep, probably… I get that it doesn’t make sense trying to use them, as they are already used for a specific task. But IMO, it would be good to have all the input busses and their levels visible in a given location (the ‘Inputs/Outputs’ folder), no matter their usage. And the external instrument return busses are among them…

Thanks for chiming in, Martin… :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m just thinking of the consequences. It would actually mean, you could also add the Insert effects to the Buses. What would this mean from the routing point of view? Would this be risky?

Indeed, but external instruments are basically MIDI driven, in a way (we use MIDI devices to set them up).

So, even if some external instrument input channels could indeed be used as Input Routing of audio tracks, the worse that could happen is doubling the audio signal level (+ 3 dB) with eventual phasing issues. I don’t see how there could be an eventual feedback, in this case (MIDI against audio), and the VST Instruments tracks also have a ‘mute’ button.

Again, the aim of my inquiry is to have all the audio input channels with their level visible in the same location, avoiding the need to scroll either horizontally (MixConsole) or vertically (project page) to check them, when there is a fair amount of tracks in a given project…