"Input/Output Channels" folder content... (SOLVED)

I am having an issue concerning what is displayed in this folder, in Cubase main window (arrangement). As pictures are often better than long explanations, here they are :

  • First my audio connections (there is no external FX and I use the Control room to monitor my projects) :

  • Second, my Studio setup and the input tracks visible in the MixConsole (had to put these together as, apparently, we are limited to 3 images in a post) :

  • Finally, a screenshot of the issue itself :

In the latter, why is there only the first input bus defined in the Audio connections window - Analog1 (mic) - displayed ? I was expecting all the five. Beside this, why are the three group ones labelled with an underscore (used for audio recording of my external instruments) appearing, as there are no physical inputs or outputs used for them ?

These are not rethorical questions : the aim is mainly to be able to see what is happening in all the Input busses/tracks directly from the arrangement view, without having to use the MixConsole. Presently, only the first input bus is appearing.

Thanks for any enlightment about how to manage the Input/Output Channels folder content, as the Operation Manual is of no help, actually… :confused:


Aren’t the other just hidden in the Project window?

They are named the very same way in the Audio Connections > Groups. Did you name them this way?

Hi, Martin

No, they aren’t, seeing the Visibility>Tracks panel : they are simply not listed in it. OTOH, they are listed in the Visibility>Zones one, but strangely, outside the Input/Output channels folder.

Yes, the underscore at the beginning of the bus name helps me to recognize them as ‘dummy’ busses used strictly for internal Cubase routing. So, actually, it’s the groups that I created that are appearing, here.

The main thing remaining is : how to make appear the four missing input busses in the Input/Output channels folder of the project window and, more generally, how this folder is actually filled in it ? I am able to drag the group named with an underscore (route to ‘No bus’) in it, but I’m not able to make appear the input busses.


Oh, now I remember! This is a bit hacky in Cubase.

In the past, this Input/Output Channels folder was hidden in the Project window. With Cubase 9 (if I’m right, maybe it was 9.5), Steinberg provided some Track Presets for the Output channel. But they were aware of the fact, it’s not really straightforward to show the Input/Output Channels in the Project window. So it was implemented, the Main Mix output always appears in the project window by default (so you can easily apply the provided presets on it).

From Steinberg point of view, it’s not necessary to show the Input/Output Channels in the project window, but in one case. The case is, when you want to automate any parameter of the channel. So the trick to “move” the Input and Output Channels to the Input/Output Channels folder and make them visible in the Project window is to enable and disable Write automation on the channels (in the MixConsole). Then the channel appears even in the Project window (and in the Input/Output Channels folder).

I hope this helps.

It helped a lot ! Here is the Input/Output channels folder content, after using your suggestion : exactly as I wanted it to be.

And now I also remember that, in old versions in which the Main out channel was hidden (it was long ago, before this folder was exising, circa C5-C6 days), we indeed had to activate the Write automation to make it appear in the project window. Thinking of it, it’s no surprise that the same process has to be done with with all channels that could be part of the I/O channels folder content. Think it would gain to be clearly documented, though…

Thanks for having solved this, Martin ! :slight_smile: