Input/Output Channels Still Missing

Hi. I’m new to Cubase 12.

From reading other posts I have learned that to get the missing input/out channels to display (see image) it has been and still is necessary to click the global W button in the toolbar at the top of the project window.

Is this working as designed or just a bug that has been around since the dawn of time?

Thanks much.

As I understand it, it’s the Write symbol on the track you want to become visible, not the Global one at the top. Works for me.

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Let’s pretend it’s like a secret ingredient for a potion that you can only learn about at Hogwarts (if you find the book of the half blood prince).

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Dear All In This Thread, Thank you for your dedication to reporting and sarcasm. As a long time Cubase user (Nuendo for BeOS!) I was not surprised to see this article as the first result from a Google search for “input / out[put channel missing in cubase 12”. I clicked the W and the Input I was expecting showed up. You are all heros.

Dear Steinberg, I want to use this tool to move FAST. Tonight it whacked me into a stall and whatever musical momentum I had in these last fleeting moments of my half-life has been retarded. Don’t do this to me or anyone else. The Hogwarts comment above is funny because it’s true. There are so many scenarios where an input not showing up where it should show up is a total flow blocker that even ChatGPT could not write them all. Please, please, even if you are a lowly TPM, pushing bug queues around and you happen to come across this one make it your life’s mission to get it fixed, tested and shipped. If after you have done this, you need another life mission, there are more bugs like this that Cubase lovers can bring to you. Be the hero we need. Do it for humanity.

Guyz at Steinberg… this W on mentioned on top is still present in cubase 13 WTF? I lost an hour to find this "hogwatrs " solution…