Input/Output names gone after crash - Motu 828es

Hi guys,

So ive been rocking along making music with Cubase 10.5 and my Motu 828es for a while now with no issues, however recently one has come up… Normally as you know the names of the inputs/outputs of your interface will appear inside Cubase which makes setting up routing easy (obviously)… Now this was working fine until the other day when cubase crashed (i was bouncing out a track)… When i restarted Cubase a window came up with some information and a few options but because i was just wanting to back into the session i stupidly didnt read it and just hit ‘ok’ :open_mouth:

When the session loaded in it said it could not find the set ins/out and i had to remap them - but when i did i noticed that all the ins/outs are now just appearing as numbers and are not labbled properly, they still work just fine luckily but its just annoying…

Can anyone help me with this…? Is there some setting i can reset to get Cubase to re-detect the ins/outs, or do i have to re-install Cubase…? (i’d rather not if dont have to…)

Thanks for any tips/info… :smiley:



The inputs/outputs names are provided by the operating system. I would recommend to reinstall the Audio Device driver.

Thanks man!

That did indeed fix the issue - Cheers :smiley:

Use “MOTU Pro Audio Control”
Switch to Routing option
Double click on any input or output and rename to whatever you want.

If you save to the 828es they will always be available. :smiley:

I also own MOTU 828es I have 2 pair of monitors which have a/b monitoring on the hardware… in the audio setup in cubase I can setup my main monitors then I add channels 3/4 for my second pair also have the routing setup in the routing mapping on motu crappy gui… what am I doing wrong in cubase?

Thank you