Input Position Bug Cubase 8

Hey in Cubase 7.5 when I used the Input position shortcut and entered, for example 1, the cursor would jump to Bar 1.
In cubase 8 ever so often the cursor jumps to a weird place such as Once I repeat the procedure (entering 1 and return) it jumps to bar 1.
Very annoying since it didn’t happen in previous versions of Cubase.
Does anyone else have that Issue?

Yes!! I’m experiencing the same behavior, and its very annoying!! I think I may have found the problem. Are you working on a project with lots of signature changes? I am working on a project that has a bunch of signature changes and this is the first time I’ve experienced this issue. I’ll try to run more test but I think they are related.

well cubase ended up crashing during my testing and now I cant get it to replicate the behavior. I think its indeed a bug, but unfortunately not consistent.

I get this too here from time to time, and I was not sure if I was just me. I am on W7 Pro SP1 x64, CP8.0.20.