Input Position command

I’ve been having an issue in Cubase 8 (that didn’t occur in Cubase 7.5 or early) when I use the key command “input position” and type in the bar number, Cubase does not go to that exact bar. For example, if the playhead is stopped at bar, and then I input to go to bar 10, the playhead goes to instead of resetting itself and going straight to It then takes two attempts to get it to go to an even bar 10.

Any possibility this happens to others?


The behaviour, how to Insert the time, changed from Cubase 7.5 to Cubase 8. How exactly do you Insert the Input Position? Do you press Shift+P? Is the field then completely highlighted or just the 1st two digits?

Hi Martin,

Thanks for the reply and the help. I changed the default key command and use the " . " key on the numerical keypad for Input Position. When I press this only the farthest left number (the bar number) is highlighted.

I’m curious as to why Steinberg would change this behavior? Was it such a pressing issue in all other versions that it necessitated change? If so, it would be wise to make this a preference because, if anything, this adds speed bumps to a developed workflow.


There is a preferences in Nuendo. Here, you can choose, on which position should the cursor jumps (which should be the active), or if the whole timecode should be selected (same way, if you double-click).

Hi Martin,

Hmm, I can’t seem to find any preference to change this in Cubase. What category is it under in Nuendo?


This is Nuendo only (I’m 100% sure). If I’m right, it’s in General (or Transport). I could check it tomorrow.

No, I don’t see the option in those sections or any others. I scanned the manual as well.

I’m still unsure how this is supposed to work; some times it works like I want it to work (by jumping directly to the even bar number) and other times it doesn’t. So it isn’t always consistent.

This is in Preferences > Transport > Timecode Input Scheme. But, unfortunately it works with timecode only. Other time displays are not affected.

I’m pretty sure this is a bug, because the behavior is not consistent here (W7 x64). I haven’t done much in 8.0.30 yet, but in 8.0.20, this seemed to happen randomly on my setup. I have not been able to find the condition where this happens, so I have not reported it yet.

It’s definitely happening in 8.0.30 here. Whatever the changes were made in Nuendo probably has to do with the fact you rarely change the hour location on timecode in projects, but I think this should have no effect on bars + beats position input.

The chanfges were made in both Cubase and Nuendo. But in Nuendo, there is a Preferences (for Timecode).

why was this changed at all? Was it an issue that many complained about?

Hi Martin,

I don’t think we are understanding each other here. Let me explain my point so that we are on the same page.

I don’t think this has anything to do with the said preference item. If the change has affected the consistency of how the command works, then it is a bug anyway.

Let’s say, you selected the first option in this preference. Input position should work like :


  1. “5” + “enter” would take you to

  2. “5” + “.” + “enter” would take you to

What I am saying is, the result of #2 is getting triggered even though I am doing #1, randomly. Normally #1 would trigger the result #1, and this is how it is most of the times.

I think it is a bug, but I can’t reproduce it reliably.

I think I’m able to reproduce this: If I stop playback and the Bars/Beats counter is at, for example, and I then hit the Input Position to goto bar 5, it goes to (similar to what you said). In other words, if the cursor isn’t on a hard beat or bar, the Input Command doesn’t go simply to an even bar ( I have to do the Input Command a second time for it to work.

Yes, as it is visually marked, only the Bars digit(s) is selected. So if you type “5”, you change only the position of Bar. Other digits remain the same.

Yes. Pro users wanted to be able to insert the whole timecode at once.

Like I’ve said in my post, that is not what is happening here. The normal behavior is still how I have described above as #1 in Cubase 8, and what I am saying is about #2 getting triggered when #1 is being executed randomly.

Or is this different on Macs now? Or Cubase and Nuendo behaving differently? I’m using CP8 x64 on W7 x64, and I am getting inconsistent behavior as I have described in my post above. Inputting only the bar number would still normally sends me to x.1.1.0, no matter where the cursor is - the problem for me happens only once in a while.

Bender - are you getting this 100% of the time as you have said?

There is something weird going on. I tried this and found only the first digit was affected. Then after a restart and later in the day, in a different project, hitting Input Position which was at and then typing a bar number into the field went to, not

Earlier it did go to

So I guess I can confirm that there’s an intermittent problem here. But I can’t find a solid repro for it either.

OK, it seems, there is something wrong on Windows. Would it be great to find out, what affects it.

I will do is on it.

This is frustrating me too, and unfortunately its not consistent so it will probably be difficult to track down. However I never had this issue in Cubase 7.5, so its something new in C8 that is causing this issue. Hopefully they recognize the issue and are working on a fix. You may want to post this as an official bug report (and if you do post the link here so I can +1 it)