Input Routing for Zoom 8 Channel UAC-8 Interface, Cubase LE


I’m helping a friend set-up his new Zoom UAC-8 USB 3 Audio Interface.

We have eight mono channels coming into the Zoom UAC-8 and I’d like to record those eight inputs to eight mono channels in Cubase LE. (For now, we only have the LE Version at this location, but I’m a Pro 8 licensed user).

I have been able to get some tracks recorded and they sound very nice. Very clean, extremely low latency with the Zoom’s “unsampling” technology.

I’m just not getting the routing… :question: Cubase LE seems to only want to let me add stereo buses? I thought I’d be able to just add eight mono inputs (buses) and then be set to record eight tracks in one pass. What am I not getting here? Thanks for any help on this.

Here’s a link to the UAC-8 for reference:

Thanks for any help or suggestions on this.

Hi Stephen.

Might just be a limitation of LE version.
It’s quite hard to find any info about that.

Thanks, misohoza,

I read the posts in the forum you mentioned. I’ll be working with this again tonight. It does seem odd that a company would release a product with software that is incompatible with the product you’re buying. Thanks for the reply.

One would think that doing a simple 8x8 recording set-up on a device seemingly designed to do that would be a straightforward patch. I miss the physical patch panel. :frowning:

If anyone else has information about this, please jump in. Thanks.