Input routing on presets

I know it has been discussed in the past but as a reminder, input routing still does not get saved on track presets.I’m pretty sure I was able to do that in previous Cubase versions but it’s not working on 9.0.30 as far as I know. For those of us who have lots of different mics and preamps, saving the routing on certain mic combinations and setups as presets should be working flawlessly.

Will Steinberg please address this issue any time soon?

I use track archives for the purpose you describe.

Select tracks, go to Export Selected Tracks and save.
Then use import track archive.

I did not think to do that, thanks. I still think we should be able to save an audio input as part of a simple audio track preset. Using “import track archive” will mean it’s own key command. I have so many, I’m running out of ideas on where to assign them. Thanks for the tip though.

Your’re welcome.

Yes, we could with a modifier get a Preset dialog - and just checkboxes to say what to insert - if inputs are part of it, or similar.
Just making it flexible as anything.

Please fix Track Archives. The lack of input saving makes it very tedious to add multitrack drums to a session for example. I don’t want to waste time doing all the inputs manually. Totally defeats the purpose of a preset.