Input 'tacet' text for 2 or 4 bars amid a flow

I could not find a proper popover for ‘tacet’. How could I input ‘tacet’ text for 2 or 4 bars or even a section amid a flow? Provisionally, I added the text using dynamic popover, but it seems not OK.

Thanks in advance!

Dorico will only show tacets automatically either for an entire flow (if a player is not attached to a particular flow, but that flow is included in that layout) or at the end of a flow (once a player has no further music to play in that flow). It won’t ever show the words “tacet” for a rest in the middle of the flow, and it’s not clear to me under what circumstances this would be necessary: normally, simply showing bars’ rest is sufficient.


Thank you for your answer!
It is only for my memory to remember what I intend for that section.

Initially, I tried to add a comment to a tempo instruction for that section and add a comment to the rehearsal number of that section, but those comments were not accepted. Thus, I tried to use “tacet” word. Why comment could not be added to tempo instructions and rehearsal numbers? Could it be changed in a future version of Dorico?

This seems an ideal situation for a multi-measure rest, and I agree that I cannot imagine what a mid-movement tacet indication would tell a player. How long should he or she wait to resume?

A Tacet indication really is not intended for just a few rests in the middle of a piece. Tacet basically means the musician doesn’t need to count the rests. If they must count, it’s not a tacet, just a few bars rest.


The only employment of mid-music tacets I have seen which are useful are instruments which are predominantly tacet anyway and for which good cues are available at a major section in which they play. Most of that experience is from banda parts in opera, which typically are only present in a very specific section of music in a much larger number or act. Banda also differs in that they almost always have their own individual conductor who can visibly cue them without being seen by the audience, so having a lengthy roadmap detailed in full can be unnecessary.

Suffice to say, there are some limited situations where this functionality is useful and standard — but no longer the old way of preparing parts where tacets were used as often as possible to save time by hand-copyists.

When I have needed a significant tacet section, usually I just create a new flow in the project which only belongs to the banda instrument where I can set up everything it needs and nothing more, turning off all other flows for it.


Do you mean like a cue that isn’t meant to be played? Dorico has a robust cue feature already.

You can always use regular Shift+X text to give tacet info as well. I’ll often have instructions like this in a part with a repeat:
Tacet 1st x
Play 2nd x

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Thank you for your answers!

I did not mean cues.

It was my first time thinking tacet amid a musical movement.

It came to me while sketching a scene in an opera. At first, a singer sings in orchestral accompaniment, then walks around on stage without singing while only percussionists play music, and then he sings again with other instruments. I intended to add this solely for me as a comment to a tempo instruction provided as one of Dorico’s features, but Dorico does not accept the word on tempo instruction.

Then, I thought that adding the ‘tacet’ into the score might not be bad also for performers. However, it seems unnecessary, as many of you pointed out!

I need a comment feature in Dorico, which could be added everywhere.

You know that you can write any word in Tempo, right? Don’t use the popover for it — input a metronome mark or whatever works— then write your tempo text in the properties. Of course, it won’t have any meaning for Dorico


Hi folks,
looking for a way to input a “tacet” at the end of a piece for one player, and as Daniel’s post suggests, this is possible.
But I can’t set it up. I’ve understood that it’s possible to indicate a tacet when an player isn’t playing in a complete movement, but I can’t figure out how to include the word tacet when the player is no longer playing in a movement in which he or she has been playing.

If there are time, key or tempo changes after the instrument is done playing, I do not believe this is possible.

Hi rkentzman and Derrek,
thank’s for your answers.
I actually have a bar change that doesn’t allow me to display “tacet al fine” from the end of the part played, but only from the last point where the bar changes. So this is a suggestion for Daniel; we’d have to find a way of setting this up easily and offer the option of displaying only one barline with the words tacet al fine when not a single note is played until the end of the sequence.

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