Input tranformer block certain CCs

So…I am using ominsphere with hardware integration and a roland system 1m . However, my nektar p6 controller also wants to get involved and pressing certain buttons on the nektar does weird things to omnisphere. For example, using the octave shift buttons on the nektar, changes the oscillator type in omnisphere. And as for pressing the motorised fader…yikes!

What I want to do is (for example) use the input transformer to block controller numbers 112 and 113 (the oct shift buttons) on channel 16 (the channel the p6 transmits on) whilst leaving the same CC numbers from the system 1m intact.

Can anyone suggest how to do that?

I’ve tried it a few times but can’t seem to make it work.

Is it possible to block more than 1 CC number per module using “or” rather than “and” as the boolean?

Thanks in advance

Should be, yes.

Great! Worked a treat. Thanks :slight_smile: