Input transformer as filter cc messages

I want to filter CC 68,values 0 and 127, from my Input midi device. Who knows how to set up Input Transformer for this filtering job?R

I did the following, see picture, and it did not work:

I am curious what action you have to Put in the lower box to have it filtered. Any comments welcome!

If this is something you want to set up globally, the better place to do it is in:


I tried filtering in Preferences: yes it works well, thanks. But I have a quite specific problem with connecting my EWI Akai 5000 to a Waldorf Blofeld within a midi track. The EWi produces a lot of CC68’s (and CC123’s etc.) that disturbs the synth. So I would prefer a specific solution in Input Transformer.

Seems like Input Transformer is not working properly!
i did some silly tests on Input Transformer, global and local, like: “transform all input notes to C2”. No effect on output al all.

Hi you,
most likely you have not activated the module in the transforer. You have to click on the modul tab left side (little on/off button) in order to make it work.
Hope to help!


Hi Ernst

Yes, I overlooked that on/off button completely! Input transformer is OK now, thanks!


Glad to help… I stumbled over this some time ago… the tiny non-contrast buttons in Cubase are shit. ;o)