Input Transformer Need Help

Per instrument I prefer a certain velocity as default. Preferably when I enter notes with the pencil tool, or with the keyboard, I would like to have the preferred velocity for that instrument. With the “insert velocity” function in the toolbar I can set the velocity, but that is the same for all instruments, not specific to an instrument.
From reading the forum, I concluded that the easiest way to do this is to use the Input Transformer.
However, the input velocity doesn’t do what I want it to do. Here’s how I program it:
Type is equal to Note
Value 2 is equal to 88(if that is the value I want for that channel). And I turn on that module of the Input Transformer

Now if I add a note with the pencil tool, it is still 100.

Could anybody help?

I think the Input Transformer is more about altering real time incoming MIDI signals. If you look at the top of the key editor there should be an Insert Velocity box, it has a note with an arrow pointing down in front and then a number to the right hand side. Whatever value you set here will be used for all mouse based input tools.

Edit Sorry read the post better and saw you already know about this. Do you know you can set 5 different levels with this and store presets of those set levels.


You can setup your own presets as an Insert Velocity. But, if you want to use it as real-time transform of already recorded data, don’t use an Input Transformer. This for incomming data from the MIDI Input. Use MIDI Insert Transformer instead of Input Transformer. The Transformer is applied for already recorded notes.

The logic of the Tranformer is the same (in fact), as the Input Transformer. Just set Value 2 (Velocity) to fixed Value. And set this fixed value different for every single track.

AFAIK this won’t change the MIDI information on the track though, just alter it on playback in real time. Just to be clear.

Thank you all for your help.
Yes, I do know about the Insert Velocity Box. This is helpful, however I have to than change the value for the Insert Velocity Box for each instrument, I would like something more automatic. I would like per instrument to just insert notes at a specific velocity value different for each instrument
I would like to use a transformer for incoming data(which I draw either with the pencil, or input with the keyboard) as you suggested. So should I than use the Midi Insert Transformer, or the Input Transformer?


MIDI Insert Transformer is for Output. So drawn notes will have the Velocity, you draw (for example all 100), but the output Velocity (the one which ID transmited to the Instrument or an hardware) would be the one, you set in the Transformer. So if you don’t care about the “visual aspect”, then I would recommend you to use MIDI Insert Transformer. Personaly, I would recommend you this way, because I like non-destructive editing.

Input Transformer doesn’t affect drawn MIDI Notes.

The 3rd option is to use Logical Editor. Here, you can prepare your own presets with different velocities, and then apply these presets to all MIDI Parts, you create (draw or record). Then the MIDI Notes will get the Velocity, you set. You can even assikpgn Key Commands for different velocities.

Hi Martin Jirsak, Thanks for your reply and explaining the possibilities of the transformers! I do care about the visual aspect and would like to see the real midi velocity as the playback. I guess there is no transformer which directly affects the velocity input. I don’t mean the logical editor where you can edit parts after the original input of the notes.


In this case, you have to set the Velocity before inserting the Note, as we described before.

Ok, thanks for the information