Input Transformer nomenclature question "unequal?"


I’m using the Input Transformer to distribute notes generated by the Scaler plug-in to multiple instances of single channel VST instruments. It works great, but why is the nomenclature “unequal” for passing a MIDI channel? (Working, still, in Cubase Pro 10). Thanks for any tips or references on this.

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I’m not sure I fully understand your question.

In both images you are specifying what Channel(s) you want to filter out (i.e. remove).

So in the top image you are saying you want to remove any Notes which are not on Channel 2 - meaning Channels 1, 3, 4, 5,…16. This will result in only Channel 2 Notes not being filtered out.

On your 2nd image you are telling it to filter out any Notes on Channels which are not 3-9 - which would be Channels 1, 2 and 10 thru 16.

The key is you are specifying the channels to get rid of not the ones to keep.

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unequal = not equal to

Welcome back @Stephen57. I was wondering where you went off to.

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Not equal because we’re filtering, which is kind of the same as not passing :grinning:

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I think the word I wasn’t understanding is “filter” – I understand it now and it was working even when I didn’t understand it. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the welcome back.

Thanks. Good seeing you after so long.

The two images are just different examples of using this kind of filtering.

In using the plug-in Scaler and it has MIDI playback patterns that may be sent to multiple MIDI channels with pitches distributed from from lowest note, MIDI Ch. 2, to highest note Channel 16 (or less). The pitch/channel distribution depends on the playback pattern in use, but with the Input Transformer filtering I can confine pitch ranges to particular VST instruments creating a kind of Divisi set-up. I’m getting some interesting sounds and textures this way.

Thanks for the post.

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You can also make the selection use Equal statements that are connected by And instead of Or

OR (see what I’m doing here) let’s go crazy & even use more fancy stuff. In your second example you could also do it like this: (Less Than 3) OR (Greater Than 9)

Oh that sounds interesting. I’ll have to checkout Scaler.

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Thanks for that suggestion. I’ll look at those. It’s all about distributing pitches, lowest to highest starting on MIDI channel 2 (lowest pitch), to instances of single channel VST-is.

The Scaler plug-in has "performances, " playback patterns, and the notes are sent to different channels depending on pitch. It’s kind of hack to use it this way but the Input Transformer makes it easier to isolate certain pitch ranges created by Scaler’s output and re-channel those to target instruments. “All notes playing between A4 to A6, on MIDI Channels 6-10, play Instrument X.”

It’s a fun plug-in and works well in various ways in conjunction with Cubase’s chord pads.