Input Transformer: Strange Behaviour?

I have activated module 1 of the input transformer on a few MIDI tracks in my project. Currently, this is the logic I’m using:

Type - Equal - Controller - AND
MIDI Controller No. (Value 1) - Equal - MIDI CC 7 (Main Volume) - OR
MIDI Controller No. (Value 1) - Equal - MIDI CC 10 (Pan) - OR
MIDI Controller No. (Value 1) - Equal - MIDI CC 91 (ExtEff 1 Depth) - OR
MIDI Controller No. (Value 1) - Equal - MIDI CC 93 (ExtEff 3 Depth)
Function: Filter

I have absolutely no idea why, but for some reason, two NOTES on my keyboard are filtered out. To be specific, G5 and A5. These notes are 2 units (semitones) apart, much like MIDI CC 91 and MIDI CC 93. As it turns out, the problem can be resolved by removing the last two clauses of the input transformer logic. Those pertaining to the said MIDI CC messages 91 and 93.

How can I filter out these MIDI CC messages without also filtering out G5 and A5?

What is happening isn’t your fault :wink:… it is the fault of the Input Transformer, which doesn’t have any parentheses (which are in fact essential when mixing “AND” and “OR”). In order to work as you wish here, all the “Value 1” lines should be enclosed in a pair of parentheses, so that the “AND” compares the first line with the entire contents of the parentheses, but without those parentheses, each line is handled sequentially. That means that the “AND” operator is comparing only the first and second lines, then the first “OR” is comparing the result of that “AND” operation, then the second “OR” compares with the result of that first “OR”, and so on :wink:.
So, in effect, after the first line “Value 1=7”, in all the following “OR” lines, “Value 1” no longer depends upon the Type being "Controller, so the notes 91 and 93 are also filtered.

The workaround (only available since Cubase 8) is to use a MIDI Transformer Insert FX instead (where parentheses are available), and switch on (in the Inspector) the “Record” button on the Insert FX slot (this effectively places the Transformer FX pre-record… same as the Input Transformer :wink: )

Thanks for the insight. I was thinking along similar lines. Parenthesis REALLY need to be available within the input transformer. Considering it’s in the logical editor, the project logical editor, and all such similar Boolean logic processors, it seems like it can be easily implemented.

Having said that, given the sequential logic you’re describing, I should be able to achieve what I want inside the input transformer, be it cumbersome. Get the logic I described earlier, and add [Type - Equal - Controller - AND] directly after each CC MIDI clause, except the last.

Maybe I should feature-request parenthesis in the input transformer. If any moderator comes across this thread, feel free to move it to a dedicated feature-request section if one exists. Otherwise, I’ll just have to whip up one real quick.

I have been wanting this feature myself for ages too :wink:.