Input Transformer Weirdness

I’m trying to record on five MIDI Tracks where the notes I play on my Keyboard Controller are randomly assigned to MIDI Channels 1-5. So I used the Global Input Transformer shown in the attached, which seems pretty straightforward. However as you can also see what gets recorded on each Track is very different. I’m showing 2 Tracks in the attached, but the other 3 are all variants of what’s shown. Note colors are set to channel. All the Tracks are configured exactly the same.

The bottom track is what I played. But in the upper track it looks like all the notes have lost their note-offs. In the tracks not shown there are a mix of notes with and without note-offs. Also the channels of the 2nd, 3rd, notes etc. are different from each other on different tracks. I had thought that by using the Global Transformer the channel assignments would be the same on all tracks. Also if I disable Module 1 in the Transformer then all the tracks record exactly the same note ons & offs on channel 1 - just what I’d expect.

Any idea what’s going on?

I can merely confirm your findings here (worked ok on some tracks, looked like your screenshot on other tracks).
On the other hand, if I set the Input Transformers to Local (each with identical settings) then it worked ok on all tracks.

As regards your 2nd point, I can see arguments both for and against the current “randomness” behaviour. (seems it is “global” only in the sense that the Transformer settings are global, but the tracks are still actually processed separately).

Yeah, that makes sense.

I was able to get the results I was looking for by using a Local Input Transformer and then multiple MIDI Sends to distribute elsewhere.