Input Transformer window as a part of the Left Zone

I’ve been learning how to best use the Input Transformer for scores with transposed instruments and it’s working very well. I would love it if the Input Transformer window could be incorporated into the Left Zone in the Inspector on the Project window and the also in the MIDI Key editor.
The issue with it currently is that, if I keep the IT window open, it sits on top of a great deal of my screen, blocking access to all that is under it…

Anyone else like the idea?

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This is an interesting topic. During the earlier 2000s, there was a trend to create more single screen, unified, UIs. For example, Ableton Live only supported a single window for many years and relied only on split sections in the single screen.

Cubase does both.

The Input Transformer contains so much information. Fitting all of that in the left side zone could work but it may require expanding the width of the zone. Once you do that, I question how tenable that is because a user may need to increase and decrease that width often.

Anyway, I see this idea as a short term solution. What might be a bit better is the UI functionality in Adobe software. They provide customizable left side and right side zones. You drag and drop windows into them.

In other words, we may need the Input transformer to be a window and if not, then we can place it into the right or left hand side.

I understand that the Input Transformer window contains a large amount of information, but I have several transforms loaded and simply need to switch them on and off. An entry that would allow that would not take up much space at all. It could look similar to the Quick Control layer.
If the full window was required, an edit button could open the window when necessary.