Input Transformer

Hello. This may sound like a noobish question, but how do I enable cubase’s input transformer button? I have seen in many youtube videos where it should be placed, but in my version of cubase (Elements 7) it does not appear at all. Can somebody please guide me in enabeling it?

the simple reason it does not appear at all in Elements 7 is that it is not available at all in Elements 7.

The Transformer is unfortunately not included with Cubase Elements 7.

Thank yor for your answer. I guess my new question is: Is it possible in Cubase Elements 7 for a midi track to exclusively listen to a single midi channel, not to all of them as it does by default?

-MIDI Filters
-Soloing the instrument that the desired channel is routed to (if available in the VSTi or Hardware)

And if i want to record multiple tracks at once, each one listening to their own midi channel?

-Record one track, set the receiving instrument to the desired channel.
-Record one track and dissolve for channels afterwards

Ok. Thanks.

Could I ask which versions of Cubase have the input transformer ?
its something that I need to have - does Cubase Artist have that functionality ?
or do I need the full version of Cubase ?


Hi Micheal

I’m pretty certain that Artist DOES have the transformer, probably best to check out the features comparison chart which is on the Steiny site somewhere

Best Regards


Hi Dave,

I looked on the comparison PDF and I couln’t find input transformer listed.
there was Enhanced track Quick Controls … which might be it … but I am not sure.
does anyone else know for sure ?


If you ask your question in the subject line people will see it, as it stands, it appears you have a general question about how to use it or what it is, which is why I clicked it.

Input transformer is Input transformer, not Quick controls. And yes, the input transformer is available in the Artist version.