Inputing notes by directly clicking in the pentagram

Hi, I’m new to Dorico and used to write using MuseScore on my computer, and now I switched to Dorico for the iPad.

I’m having a hard time figuring out how to input notes directly in the bar I’m at — I can use the keyboard (both virtual and physical strokes) to write the notes, but sometimes it’s faster/easier for me to “write” them directly (not necessarily “draw” the note, but simply tapping/clicking the bar after choosing the note/rest duration), and I can’t do it.

I double click the bar to enter the Note Input mode, I choose my note duration and try to tap my desired note (in the pentagram) wherever the carret is — but then it changes to as if I’m “selecting” the bar instead of inputing a note there.

Is that even possible in Dorico for iPad?

Welcome to the forum, @stints-bottler0c. You cannot tap notes directly into the staff in Dorico for iPad: you can either use the on-screen Keyboard or Fretboard, or you can use a hardware keyboard if you have one, but because your finger is typically much bigger than the staff line or space you’re aiming for, using your finger to input notes directly wouldn’t give a good experience, and hence it isn’t allowed.

Thank you so much for your response!
What about allowing it when using the Apple Pencil? I tried other program, if it’s ok to mention here, that allows inputing notes directly by tapping/clicking the staff, and I have no issues whatsoever…

(side note I’m using an 12.9” iPad Pro so that might makes things easier on my side to try that, whereas understandably it could be troublesome in smaller iPads)

Would that be a feature to be considered? I’m new to iPad and I’m kinda deciding which notation program I’m “commiting” my time to learn and use as my main go-to app, and that input method would be really helpful to my workflow as I’m used to it. But I understand if that’s not a demand for Dorico on the iPad

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Yes, we would like to allow input via Apple Pencil. The problem with that at the moment is that for technical reasons we cannot currently correctly tell the difference between a prod with your finger or a touch with the Apple Pencil, but we will be able to address that by using an updated version of the Qt application framework that Dorico is built upon, so it’s something we hope to allow in future.

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Awesome, glad to know! Thanks!

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I am super interested by that option too! Thank you :slight_smile: