Inputs are not received in Cubase AI 8


New to soft- and hardware, fairly new to personal home recordings as well. I have a few issues with recording and such!

Firstly, though my UR22 is registered with Cubase and PC (all busses are set) and the instruments I play through the hardware are playing through speakers/headphones I set up, the problem is that in the software (Cubase AI 8), the inputs are not registering any volume/input at all (not reading on mixer for individual tracks). I am uncertain as to why, for all busses are setup (correctly I suppose), and the instruments are working through the hardware and into speakers (meaning they are processed through UR22?)
(I hope this is of some sense to peoples with more knowledge)

Secondly, similar to a post from bubbles, I cannot record! Even with their basic VST instrument, Halion, no wave pattern is produced on the time line!

Any assistance would be much appreciated, and I apologize in advance if these questions have already been answered, I found it difficult to search for such problems!



You have to define your inputs in Devices > VST Connections > Inputs first. I would recommend you to watch these video tutorials.

Regarding to the VST Instrument, this instrument doesn’t record waves. You record a MIDI data, and the instrument makes sound from it in the real-time.