Inputs/Outputs inactive after start without interface - how to restore?

HELP! I accidentally started Cubase (10.0.6) before turning on my Scarlett 18i20 (3rd Gen). On restarting Cubase withe interface on, all my inputs and outputs show as inactive (I remember this happening on an older system) but this time I am unable to reactivate them. (Mac OSX 10.14.)

I have been through the interface setup steps again (as I remember it) but no joy.

I have restarted everything - even rebooted the system. All looks good on the Scarlett and the Focusrite Control Software. I can monitor directly on the box itself, the correct lights are lit and I can play system audio to it. I just can’t change the status of any of the inputs/outputs in Cubase.

I know it must be something obvious … it’s driving me crazy. Any pointers gratefully appreciated!


Ports are only “active” when assigned to a bus in “Audio Connections”. However I was unable to do this because the “visible” boxes for the ports were not checked.

Once I made the ports “visible” I was able to assign them.

I don’t recall having to do this step before, but now I know!

It is too easy with USB interfaces to accidentally start Cubase before the interface. If only there was a way to detect the interface and re-instate settings automatically…