Inputs & Outputs on UR44C & Direct Monitoring

Hello All, I’m totally new to music production so please forgive me if my question overly simple.

Audio Interface: URC44C 6 x 4 USB3.0 Audio Interface
Drivers: USB Driver 2.1.5 in Yamaha Control Panel
OS: Windows 11 - All latest updates as of May 12.

I have 2x issues I can’t seem to figure out.

  1. Direct Monitoring is not configurable (it’s grayed out in the Studio Setup → Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver.

How do I enable this, is there a registry setting or something in Windows I’m missing somewhere?

  1. Inputs / Outputs:

If I’m understanding this correctly I should have multiple inputs / outputs 6x4, but I only see 2x Inputs, and 2x outputs.

What am I doing wrong? Is there a newer drivers or something for the UR44C?


You need to select the Steinberg Yamaha Asio driver - not the Generic Low Latency driver.

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UPDATE: Found it at the root level of the “Audio System” configuration. I was pulling my hair out. Switching drivers resolved both issues. Many thanks.

Appreciate the response.

I knew something was wrong.

The Yamaha driver isn’t in the list. Is there a way to just reinstall the latest drivers? Instead of the entire Tools?

Thank you

Looks like you got it sorted. In case you still need to download just the driver you can get it here:

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Reading the manual is a great place to start.
It’s time well invested, and you won’t regret it.