Inputting chord symbols via MIDI

This new update is much appreciated! Thanks a lot …

However, I have a problem when inputting chord symbols via MIDI.
When I invoke the chord symbol popover and play a chord on my MIDI keyboard, nothing happens.
The other MIDI functions, including note input, MIDI commands and external MIDI instrument playback, work flawlessly.


Just happened to me as well… had to restart D…

Update: I have two external keyboards, a Yamaha Disklavier and a small XKey USB keyboard. When I disconnect the Disklavier, the MIDI chord symbols work as expected.


Continuing with Chord Symbols, at the 00:50 mark on the video, a common “b” is used as a flat. How do we enter a “B Major” chord, do we use “Shift-b”? Remember, all other chords seem to only need a common letter for entry.

Hi GTBannah,

If you just type B, regardless of case, you’ll get a B major chord symbol. If you type Bb, you’ll get B flat major. Again, that is irrespective of case, so Bb and bb will both give you B flat major. (And if you really want it Bbb will give you B double flat major.)