Inputting chords with the midi keyboard

Inputting chords with the midi keyboard for the guitar with the “next note” option (see video), to avoid having to constantly use the keyboard to select the right note, looks great but doesn’t work for me. The cursor should actually jump to the “next note” and not to the rest, that’s the idea or not ? I can’t find a setting that makes this input easier for me.Midi input


By default, the chord symbols popover advances to the next beat. In this case, the next quarter note.

I don’t know if any way around this other than pressing the spacebar. I suppose you could assign a key command to a MIDI note on your keyboard if it were worth the effort.

Next beat", “next bar”, “next note” is available for selection. There should be a difference between these, right?
If you already do the work to prepare the note positions…
Thanks. Eggi

According to the manual, there is not a particular command to advance the chord symbol popover to the next note, skipping rests. Only next beat, next bar, or next position on the rhythmic grid.

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Thank you and maybe in Dorico 4.0.

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