Inputting dynamics mid-tied-notes

I wrote a very boring piece for violin. Here it is:

After the rehearsal, I decided I want to make some corrections.
I noticed that my player tends to play louder at bar 20, so I decide I want to add a dynamic marking in bar 20 saying “sempre pp”.
(See red circle):


When I press the note at bar 20, the entire tied note gets marked and I am unable to insert my dynamic at that point.
Even worse, when I double click the note where I want to input my dynamic, the caret jumps 20 bars back to the beginning of the tied note.

But fear not! I found two ways to input that new dynamic after all and make my violin piece finally complete!

You either use the scissors to remove all the ties, then press the desired spot for the dynamic marking, enter it, and then re-tie. (because untying and retying is so fun!)


You mark the note and press “Enter”, you then press the right arrow on your keyboard 160 times (until it’s at the correct spot) and then you can input your dynamic.
(Since I am a practiced Dorico user, I know I can also hold down Ctrl, and then I only need to press the right arrow 20 times which is much better than 160!)

My question is:

Is this sisyphic endeavor the intended ideal behavior?
When I go in with my mouse and press a specific point in my score, shouldn’t Dorico assume I am interested in THAT point in the score? Why on earth would it put my caret 20 earlier at where the tied note started?!

I love that Dorico understands that tied notes behave a certain way. And that if I put an accent on a tied note it should only put the accent on the beginning of the note and not on every tied continuance. THAT AMAZING! I LOVE IT! But this wonderful genius understanding of tied notes shouldn’t mean the program is fighting against the user when trying to input changed, and adding “sempre pp” at some point of a tied note is really not such a rare and crazy idea.

Am I crazy?

With nothing selected, you can click on a marking from the dynamics palette and then click on the note you want it entered on. It’s definitely faster than those other methods. You can also click-drag hairpins over a series of notes.

just activate the cursor in the bar where you want the text to go (double click, but not ON the note itself), then do shift-D and type pp sempre… :slight_smile:

Dear fratveno,
That’s the solution we ended with in the Facebook page :slight_smile:

This is indeed a very easy and fast method for specific dynamic markings!

Sorry, I’m not on FB… I’m patiently waiting for the “only-norwegian-not-on-Facebook-award” :laughing: (although that is not the reason I’m not on there)

“1000 friends”

Reviving this thread, this technique of clicking the dynamic in the panel and selecting the note does not work for me in 3.5.12. The dynamic goes to the head of the tie chain. What am I missing therefore? Or has this functionality changed in the meantime?

That functionality was never part of the software. Dynamics are either created at the position of the caret, or at the position of the start of the selection.

So that comment form @Ocme is either wrong, or I did not understand it.

Yes, I believe @Ocme is indeed mistaken.

What strikes me in this thread is that the “bar 20” in the OP is actually bar 11… :joy: