Inputting lyrics in a score containing repeat signs / multilingual search

These are indeed two topics squeezed into one post.

1.) I’m struggling with a simple song that I transcribed in short form: The first and second part of the verse are similar with the exception of the last bar, so I created what is called in German “house 1” and “house 2” for those last bars, with a repeat sign at the end of “house 1”.

I can’t find a way to tell Dorico that the second line of the lyrics still belongs to verse 1. It displays as verse 2 instead (because I had to tell it to do so)
Furthermore in the second line the lyrics do not jump correctly to “house 2” (or better: I don’t manage to make them jump correctly [is it because they are defined as verse 2 really?]). My pressing the space bar to get past “house 1” warmly invites Dorico to create a long line as if the last syllable from the bar preceding “house 1” were still to be sung in house 1.

2.) The following accounts of course for every language: I must say I struggle to find the appropriate search term for my problem both in the online manual and in this forum. I don’t want to waste time looking up the appropriate word in English, so you have to bear with me translating word for word into English and figure out the meaning. I wish – and I remember having had a short exchange on this topic with Lillie Harris two or so years ago on this forum (ok - the old one) – that any English keyword in the online or pdf manual (and even in this forum!) could be looked up using a German search term and the other way round. It would be a “nice to have” if we had multilingual forums, like Cubase has. There’s “only” the English forum, however, and while I think it is perfect because all of the knowledge is bundled in one forum (and “everybody” speaks English nowadays), a German language-only manual and an only-English speaking forum constitutes an unnecessary barrier. A multilingual search doesn’t appear as just nice to have. Me entering a German keyword and getting the corresponding English result would help my linguistic proficiency just as much as it would speed up my search. And of course the other way round. Getting an answer in English can constitute a barrier when you have to figure out which German term goes with it.
The glossaries exist anyway.

  1. I’m struggling to understand the question without at least a screenshot.
  2. There is now a German Dorico forum: Dorico - Steinberg Forums
  1. If I understand you correctly, you want the repeated lyrics still show as verse one.

The easiest way I can’t think of is, to use the “Is translation” Property, then set the translation font the same as the normal font.

Am Einfachsten die zweite, wiederholte, Zeile als Übersetzung der ersten Zeile eingeben, dann die Schriftarten gleich aussehen lassen.

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Leo, Kirchenmusiker,
Thank you for your replies.

I’m sorry for the screenshot. It seems I can’t edit my edits within the Apple Preview software (what software can you recommend me?).
But if I understand Kirchenmusiker well, there is no built-in routine for having one verse display in two lines using repeat endings (“house 1, house 2” :wink:), nor is there any mechanism that makes Dorico recognize it has to jump the first repeat ending during lyrics input. Or am I mistaken?…

You’re not mistaken. There’s a variety of stuff regarding repeat bars that hasn’t yet been addressed.

Try deleting the syllable that has the extender line, then input it again and hit Enter or Escape, not Space.

Ok – thank you Leo!

I still wish someone whom it may concern comments on 2.) :wink:

I remember the discussion about having equivalent terms and it’s still noted on a to-do list somewhere. However, it’s not something I’m convinced the manual could or should do as a general principle, as it seems to be more about enabling discussions between users familiar with different languages rather than using the software directly in a particular language. If you have specific instances of things where an alternative German word or phrase would help you find something in the German manual (like how in English there are more synonyms than in other languages), please feel free to let me know and I can either add them or pass the suggestion on to the German translator. (Synonyms in translation are surprisingly complicated.)

There is now also a German Dorico forum where you’re more than welcome to ask questions auf Deutsch.