Inputting mordents with sharps, etc.?


I have a new score with lots of mordents, that need to have small accidentals in parenthesis above them.
Any idea’s on the best way to do this ?

Many thanks!

Hi jamwerks.
It’s as easy as opening the properties panel with the mordent selected, and changing the value of the interval above.

You’ll notice there are no parenthesis, but is it really important? If you really need them, you’ll have to input them as staff text (shift-x) with avoid collisions disabled, and check every part that the positioning is correct (in Engrave mode, by hand… not really Dorico way, if I may!)

Marc, I can understand why you would want parentheses around the # in the OP’s example, because (assuming this is tonal music and the top staff is the treble clef) playing the ornament with D# instead of D natural looks wrong, even if that’s what the original MS or edition says.

Thanks for the responses. From the manual it seemed that worked for trills, but didn’t mention other ornaments.
This is for a non tonal piece. Should I want parenthesis, I would probably use staff text. I still haven’t figured out
how to incorporate musical symbols (sharps) in staff text?

To input musical symbols in Shift+X text, you should switch to the ‘Music text’ character style (using the top left menu in the text editor popover) and then paste the desired symbols from e.g. here.

Great, Many thanks!