Inputting Pitch Cues into non-pitched instruments (5-line percussion)

I’ve read through some of the various work around on how to do this, but all of them were from a couple years ago. Has anything changed?

The trombone cue should read G, F#, E, C.

I am trying to input a cue from Trombone 1 into my Percussion 1 player, which has a 5-line staff. Instead of mapping onto the staff correctly, it just shows the note duration of the cue and that’s it. Has this been resolved? It seems like an easy fix and something that really shouldn’t require workarounds.

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No. To the best of my knowledge, adding a hidden instrument change (to pitched instrument) where you want the cue is the quickest way to achieve this.

It’s your first post so I’ve deleted what I originally had here. Please don’t write comments like this. :slight_smile:


I didn’t mean ill intent with this comment. I’m just someone who likes to understand why things are the they are. Given that the Dorico team has proven in the past they care about their customers, I am sure there is a good reason this hasn’t been updated. If you do have any insight into why there has to be workarounds for this issue, I genuinely would love to hear it!

The insight is pretty clear: the Dorico team has limited resources and a long list of things to implement. (Even less since some part of the team was busy with Steinberg Licensing)
They have to somehow decide what to implement when, meaning other things didn’t get implemented yet.
If your request was implemented, something else would have been missing, like maybe the group labels in the score. Then other people would come and complain that “this is an old feature request, why hasn’t it been implemented”

TL;DR: time. time is the issue.

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Yeah, that does make a lot of sense actually! Who knew I’d get life lessons here, too! :blush:

Thanks for the responses!