Inputting tuplets for percussion

Hello, I know this topic has been covered here many times before but I haven’t found a solution to my specific problem among the existing threads…

I’m porting/revising some scores originally created in Sibelius 6, and in this case I want to create a quintuplet for a five-stave percussion instrument (bongos!). Just starting for the moment with two bongos, if I enter five semiquavers quintuplets on the upper bongo and then try to move the last four (or any) to the lower bongo then Dorico rewrites the notes in regular semiquavers / it doesn’t write it as part of the quintuplet.

See attachments for target from Sibelius and result in Dorico.

I’ve read that this issue was due to be addressed in v3.5 but I’m yet to update so this is in v3.1.

Any tips would be welcomed. Since playback within Dorico isn’t important to me, if it’s impossible in v3.1 then I’ll just write the bongo part as a flute or another instrument where this isn’t a problem, though I would like to work it out as a matter of principle, if possible.


This is indeed addressed in Dorico 3.5, but in Dorico 3.1 you really need to input the notes on the correct instrument in the kit as you go: moving the notes between the instruments in the kit isn’t going to be much fun. Another option is to switch to the single-instrument presentation type in Layout Options so you can see each instrument separately, then use e.g. copy and paste to copy the whole quintuplet from one bongo to the other, and delete the notes you don’t need from the other one. I’m not sure any of these are less work than simply deleting the quintuplet and entering the notes on the desired instruments from the get-go. Or you could update to Dorico 3.5, in which you can simply use Alt+up/down.