Inputting unmeasured tremolo with 3 strokes


I have difficulty inputting unmeasured tremolos with Dorico.
If I select tied notes, the number of strokes will vary depending of the note value (which is understandable with measured tremolos). However is there a way to force Dorico to use systematically 3-stroke tremolos?

Now I have to untie everything and add tie each note individually. Here is an example. If I select all the notes and add a tie, it gives the first version. If I tie each note individually, it gives the second version. I’m not sure to understand this behaviour…

Thanks for your help!


This is intended functionality. However, you don’t need to untie them to change this – provided you have access to Engrave mode, you can select each notehead in the chain and change their number of tremolo strokes.

You can also decide which number of tremolo strokes to input using the popover that will result in the fewest number of noteheads needing changing in Engrave mode.

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Hi Lillie,

Thanks for your help! Is there a way to filter only notes with tremolo?

That’s not possible, no.