Insanity is fun, but I'm ready to ask for help (Zoom R24 Question)

Hey Cubase Community, it’s your friend DriFD3S.

I’m having a bunch of trouble utilizing my Zoom R24!

I’ve been watching hella YT Videos, some specifically for the R24, but mostly for the very similar R16, but I just can’t seem to figure out what the heck I’m doing wrong.

Can someone potentially share any resources or experiences with the Zoom R24?
Is the problem that I’m using Elements, not Pro?
I can’t seem to find the “Device Manager” in any of my DD Menus in Cubase.

Please help me out, I have no idea what I’m missing or what I’m not seeing.

Thank you!

Go to the Studio Tab, then More Options… here you’ll find Studio Panel, which gives you several options. Not sure if this will help find your Zoom?

One problem you should be aware of with the Zoom family (you probably are!) is that you should re-format your SD card from the Zoom Menu. If you don’t do this, you can Record with the Zoom and Playback from the Zoom, but your recording won’t be recognised if you try and access the card from other software.

Hey SonyTony!

You helped me figure it out.

I have successfully made my device function properly!

Hell Yeah Brother.