Insert boxed "Score in C" or "Transposed Score" text


Is there an easy way to insert boxed “Score in C” or “Transposed Score” text in the top left of the first page of the score? Ideally that would automatically change depending on whether the score was currently set for concert pitch or transposed?


There’s no token for that to do it automatically, but it should be quite easy to create an additional full score layout, keep one in C and set the other to transposed, and add the text and boxes manually.

It’s a good idea to add this as a token, so I’ll add this to our wish list for the future.

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I think this is the right spot for this–for a transposed score I had to create text in score “Transposed Score.” Luckily, I just caught myself with a score as I put the score back into concert but still had the text say “Transposed…” and fixed it.

I will often use the built in Lyricist text block for this info since it’s already there, just enter Transposed Score or whatever in the project info setup.

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I create two score layouts: a Conductor Score, which is transposed and Condensed, and a Working Score in Concert and not condensed (and sometimes with a piano reduction in it).

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