Insert Custom Page to all Parts

Is there a way of inserting a custom page into all parts at the same time.
I have created a custom master page as a ‘parts cover’. It has text (player name, project title, musical genre, composer and arranger) and a logo on it. This is brilliant (thanks Daniel and team). I now want to add this to all the parts. Is there an easy way to do this for all parts in one process, or do I need to add it to each individual layout one by one?
I’ll be adding extra pages to the score with performance notes and composer profile, but there’s only (usually) one score.
Apologies if this has already been covered, but I couldn’t find an appropriate thread.

I’m afraid for now you do need to add them one by one to each layout in turn, but we will add some features in future that allow you to copy the master page overrides from one layout to another.