Insert effect shortcut?

This my not exist but…
I just got the cc121 and would really like to bind one of the function buttons to “open insert effect”
Is this possible? Is there even a shortcut on a qwerty keyboard?
I went though the key map preferences so I could bind it but I swear its just not possible.


Which Insert effect should be opened? You can use up to 8 Inserts on every track. So, you have to choose, which one do you want to open first. This is the reason, why there is no easy shortcut.

Well it would on almost every occasion be the first one…

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…surely we can have a damn hot key cycle through the inserts and another to open them, or open the first one by default.
If there was a Midi Learn it would be even more achievable.
They had a chance to solve it with the cc121 I guess they didn’t think it was important enough.

I’m using external apps for this. On Mac, I’m using QuicKeys. I’m sure, there is lots of similar apps for Windows too, if you are using Windows.

I’m using the QuicKeys for my own shortcuts and macros. I can specify set of steps, what should the computer doo. I can specify shortcuts, mouse operations, etc. As I’m using fixed window settings (all the time the same), I can prepare some macros for this in the app. So I can create for the key “1” macro like: click here on the 250, 700 position on the screen. This is position of the “e” button of 1st Insert. I can prepare different macro for the key “2”, like: click here, on the 250, 900 position on the screen. This is position of the “e” button of 2nd Insert, etc.

I’m using 2 computer keyboards. One is for the QuicKeys macros only. This is comfortable, for me.

So, it is possible to do this. But not in the Cubase directly.


It can done with generic remote. There is no key command. Try out Curemo from Protonfx for extra key commands.



You are right, very smart!!!

As input, you can use any MIDI message. As output, you will set
Fader 1 ::: Mixer (or VST Mixer) ::: Selected ::: Ins. 1 > Edit

Now, you need just the application, which change you Keyboard commands to the MIDI. :slight_smile:

Or the Curemo app, which looks very nice. Why is it for Windows only? :slight_smile: