Insert Effects not audible on monitoring

This is a rookie question probably…
I’ve been practising recording a track with insert effects, but suddenly no insert effects make any sound when monitoring my playing. They still work on playback.
This happened just after I’d dropped a plugin into the VST Plugins folder. I took it back out but no good. I tried reinstalling Cubase in case that plugin had done some harm but still no monitor sounds from my insert effects.
I’m connected via a UR242, and when the Amp Classics are used from the hardware they can be heard, but not when selected as an insert effect.
Anyone know what I’ve done wrong?

By the way, “Direct Monitoring” is checked in Device Setup


This is the issue. Disable the “Direct Monitoring”, please. The “Direct Monitoring” says, the signal is not monitored thru Cubase, but directly on the Audio Device. The signal comes to the Cubase just for recording, but you don’t listen it thru Cubase.

Thanks, I’d actually tried that at first but I still had no sound. Eventually, after trial and error of a combination of settings, it works ok now. But yes, certainly unchecked was correct, thanks.

As a side - as it had been two weeks since posting, does this mean that Steinberg themselves never helps customers on this forum?


Yes, they read and “scan” the forum, but I don’t know, how often.