Insert effects not working

when i add an effect as a insert I do not get any change to the signal with the insert on. I.e. added distortion to an guitar audio track and it does not have any affect. I ensured that the effect is enabled. I know i’ve had them working before. What am I missing? any suggestions are appreciated. thanks

Did you, even if the question may seem odd, put it in the right channel?

A thought…
Some vst’s may be enabled (when the enable button is blue) but, make sure the effect is not “bypassed”. The bypass button is to the right of the enable button.

Regards. :sunglasses:

hi, yes , i double checked that it was on the right track and that it was enabled and not bypassed…still can’t figure out what’s going on

Is this on audio already recorded or are you perhaps trying to add effects to live guitar?