insert effects on rack instruments

There’s probably some really obvious answer to this question, but I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed and I’m totally stumped. I have a rack instrument set up as a multi timbrel, multi channel instrument. I have 10 Midi channels going into it and 10 respective output channels. When I add an EQ insert to ANY of the the tracks, it appears on ALL of the midi tracks in the inspector. But not in the mixer. I’ll repeat the last part: inserts are showing up on the midi tracks in the inspector, but not in the mixer. It’s quite bizarre and confusing. What am I missing?

I read this and I’m not sure if your description (and definitions) are entirely accurate. MIDI channels do not support audio inserts (like EQ, reverb, etc.). So I’d like to see what you see, to be clear about providing a possible answer. Could you post a screen shot or two showing the problem? Also, try adding some system specs to your forum signature. Your platform would be a good start.

Thanks Weasel, the problem is solved, sort of. Here is a screen shot showing an EQ appearing to be inserted on a MIDI track, although as you said it’s not actually effecting anything. I added that EQ to one of the output channels, and this seems to be the only thing effected. So I guess everything is working as I would expect, it’s just visually unusual.

Edit: the image did not attach, I got a message saying “the board attachment quota has been reached.”

Solved. I was unaware of the group editing function and must have hit it by accident.