Insert Effects

Hi Guys, I have been off Cubase for two years and my memory is lacking in ‘how to’ ! I have pulled up the standard two channel map and have plugged my guitar into channel one on my RME fire face 400. I can hear the guitar fine but not any of the effects inserts? Any help would be much appreciated. Happy New Year, gotta be better than the last one eh?


Add the Insert effect to the tracks Insert slot and enable the Monitor button to monitor the signal thru the Insert effects.

Hmmm, I have Amplitude as an insert but Im just not getting the effect and now there is no level showing up….sorry I’m a bit lost :frowning:


I don’t see the signal on the input channel neither. How is your Studio > Audio Connections > Inputs setup, please?

Moreover you are using Sends and the Amplitube Send us not enabled. Right click in the Inspector and enable the Insert slots for the Audio track. Then use the plug-in as an Insert of the Audio track, please.