Insert empty time in project?

I have a film project where a scene was added at the beginning and end of the old cut (but before the credits). So I need to insert empty space where the new scenes are. Unfortunately, I cannot use the new Conform feature as I cannot get an EDL. What’s the best way of doing this? Insert Silence? Select all events, and “move to cursor”? Is there some sort of timecode calculator I could use?

I typically do it the “dirty” way by just grabbing everything and do a cut/paste on the timeline. It’s “dirty” because in theory I’m no longer matching the actual edit that was contained in the aaf or in a new aaf (i.e. video edit). However, as long as I get a new reference video with a rough mix of the new cut I can always double check sync and it’s never failed so far. I also often take the mix in the video and pan it full left (for example) with my manually reconformed mix full right, and I can hear right away if sync is wonky.

An “ugly” way of working maybe, but effective.

OK. I wanted to do it the “right” way…but I’m not opposed to getting “dirty” by any means! Nice trick with the panning.

Yeah, it’s a bit ugly, but what’cha gonna do… To date I’ve had exactly one editor that managed to give extremely detailed instructions where the timecodes of what to move from where to where actually were updated after previous edits. Normally I either get some explanation that doesn’t work because they don’t take into account that if I move something it now lives in a new place, or I get no explanation at all. Well, best case apart from an EDL is getting at least a new aaf/ref video I suppose.

Indeed. I “eyeballed” the edits I made to the new video and it seemed to line up ok. Funny thing is that audio that was embedded in the video (and was thus imported into the project) fell out of sync. Werid. Makes me think something is wrong but…

Insert silence is The manual way to go.
But yes using reconform is the better solution.