Insert / Fader / Linking / Routing Options

Hey friends

Some suggestions for the inserts / faders in the mixer:

a) I find myself accidentally clicking the “presets” tab on inserts all the time, being that it’s in the center of the plugin name. I think it might be useful to either relocate that to the top of the insert rather than the bottom, (which might not help much because the top of one insert is the bottom of another :mrgreen: ) or have an option that you can disable the track presets tab, or hide it, or something. I rarely use track presets, personally, so I find myself getting frustrated that it pops up when I don’t mean to click it.

b) Perhaps adding a preference / option for “single click opens plugin” vs “double click opens plugin” - I REALLY like the feature where you can click backspace to delete a plugin, but if you click the plugin, it opens, which it should, but maybe the ability to select “single click” vs “double click” for opening a plugin? OR as an alternative, just hovering over the plugin “selects it” so you can easily hover + backspace to delete a plugin.

c) Perhaps the ability to select multiple plugins holding ctrl or shift and delete multiple plugins? That would be a cool addition.

d) The ability to REORDER tracks in the mix window! I rarely need to copy channel settings by dragging, and if someone else is working in Nuendo, or trying to learn it, they’re used to Pro Tools or something with the ability to rearrange tracks in the mix window, and instead they end up copying channel settings. My personal opinion is to follow your own “copy settings” type functions from the inserts - so by default, the mixer channels are re-arrangeable in the mix window, but if you hold alt and then drag, you can copy channel settings (just like inserts!)

e) I think it’d be useful to separate out the “mute / solo / listen” features on the linking/linked groups tab. So rather than linking by “solos/mutes/listens” the ability to select “solos” and or “mutes” and or “listen” individually for linking

f) Plugin destination folders are preset - this is sort of a minor issue, but I think it should be brought back. Just a minor thing though, it’s certainly not make or break! < EDIT: RESOLVED

g) REMOVE feedback protection from mixer routing. There are some cool things you can do from routing a bus to itself - like using two delays with an EQ on each one, so it delays and EQs (say brighter) on the first tap, sends to the second delay, gets brighter, then sends to the first delay again, gets brighter, etc so as it decays/feeds back it gets brighter and brighter. You can’t do that because the mixer protects against potential feedback situations. A useful feature in its own right, but perhaps maybe just a warning box that pops up saying “Warning: Routing to this bus may cause feedback issues!” with the typical “don’t show again” tick box, etc. Just a thought to consider.