INSERT I/O jacks 1 and 2 AND Insertion Cable


In the manual we read:

INSERT I/O jacks 1 and 2
These phone-type unbalanced I/O jacks can be used to connect external effect units or another device for processing the audio signals already input to the MR816 CSX/MR816 X via the MIC/LINE/HI-Z jack (analog input jack 1) and MIC/LINE jack (analog input jack 2) respectively.

I suppose this means we cannot use these jacks to use our external effect unit connected to MR as effect processors! Aren’t I correct?

Further down it says:

Connection to an INSERT I/O jack requires a > special insertion cable > as illustrated below.

Where can I buy such a cable?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Insert cable will do what you want. They are common and usually easily available from your audio gear store, just make sure you check whether you need trs or xlr to connect to your outboard gear. The other end (balanced trs) is what you’ll plug into insert 1 or 2 on the mr

Thank you very much for the feedback.

I will using with with Rocktron Mutivalve. It take a mono 1/4" input. I suppose that is balance. Nothing is mentioned about the type of the cable there show. Anyways, I bought two 1/4" TRS to Dual 1/4" TS Insert Cables.

Inserts on the MR are unbalanced, just an FYI

Thank you, I knew that.

I suppose if the INSERT I/O is used and the External effect is off, then one cannot record on MR’s channel 1 and 2.

Try it and see. Great learning time

Yes. I was correct. Thanks.

Insert is like a big LOOP to whatever unit and back. If the unit is not relaying the signal due to no power circuit then it goes nowhere. Easy solution is to pop out the insert SEND cable on the MR.
If you don’t want to bother you could always get a patchy and be able to unplug it from the patchy and not have to get behind the MR

How does the Rocktron sound?

That is fine. MR is just right next to me. I need to get off of my chair ( although my little son get me off every 30 min). What is a patchy?

Rucktron sound pretty good. Haven’t used it much but I just used its once for reverb and delay and its pretty good. But the intelifix sound better, IMHO.


Thank you. I see that.