Insert Instrument track with an insert

Every instrument track I make I will always load a 3rd party EQ (I don’t really like the lowpass/highpass from channel strip eq), so my question is (obvious lol) :

Can I have some preloaded inserts to add a new instrument track?

Thx guys

I just tried something here (try it yourself, see if it suits you :wink: )…
The idea is to load a Track Preset, which is an empty Instrument track, but with a pre-loaded EQ plugin, so all you have to do, after loading the Track Preset, is to load the actual Instrument itself (from the Track’s Inspector).
But you first have to create the Track Preset (it is a “one off” operation, of course :wink: )…
(I was surprised to discover that the first step in this proved to be necessary, but anyways :wink: )…

  1. Create an Instrument Track, with any instrument of your choice, and insert your desired EQ into slot #1 (I tried just creating an empty instrument, but for some reason, when saved, it didn’t reload the EQ).
  2. Save this as a Track Preset.
  3. Remove the Instrument itself (from the slot in the Track’s Inspector… just change it to “No VST Instrument”)
  4. Re-Save the Track Preset.
    You should now be able to load that Track Preset, and then load the desired Instrument into it, like I said above.
    You might then like to also click on the “Get Default QCs from Plug-in” button at the top of the Track Inspector’s QC pane :slight_smile:.

I know you don’t like the low pass filter but it’s actually the best it’s ever been. I’m very impressed by it. I have never trusted the in channel eq but now I do for some things.

Sorry I had to throw that in.

Thanks VIC!!!
Indeed it’s a good solution. When I read it, I thought about myself “idiot, it was obvious to make a track preset”…
But well sometimes, obvious solutions are not so obvious lol

What I don’t like is that preamp nor by cl1ssic low pass, let me choose between 6,12,24,48 (or even 96) slope…
So I used the classic preamp to just quickly remove some unwanted low-end but it was not as “precise” than some 3rd party (fabfilter pro q)