Insert intentionally blank pages

Hi fellows,

i don’t get it…

I need a blank page in the middle of a part for a possible page turn.
If i just insert a page via “Insert Pages” and do not use a master page,
i get my blank page, but obviously without header or visible page number (as expected)

But when i use the “Default Page” as a master page, what i thought was the way to go for what i was looking for… nothing happens to the layout, no additional page appears, just an override marker…

Where is my fallacy?

Well yeah, inserting a “default” master page isn’t going to achieve anything, because it’ll still have a music frame on it that’s set to allow the music to flow through the frame chain normally. If page 4 is the one you want blank, then why not go to page 4, head into the Frames submode of Engrave mode, select and delete the music frame? You may need to type directly into the header if there’s anything flow-specific in there.

edit: BUT don’t do this if you’ve got other overrides later on in the layout, because they won’t automatically move with the music. In this instance you’re better off inserting an actual blank page, then adding the header/page number manually.

Thanks Leo, i will habe to try that out tomorrow.
Is there anything i could do with creating a new (third) master page based on Default, modify it somehow to have it available when i need it (i need my header, page number and a centered textblock in the middle of the page)

Yeah, of course. The important thing is that when you create a master page based on an existing master page, if there are frames you want to modify in only the new master page, you need to delete and recreate them. In practical terms that probably means you need to delete the music frame and add a new text frame, but leave the header and page number frames intact.

It would be nice, maybe, to have an “Insert blank page” command analogous to “Remove rests” - it would take care of all the nitty gritty details for you.

Yes, you could create a new Master, based on Default, with the Music Frame removed. Then use that.