Insert Marker- inconsistent behavior -fixed

Open marker panel.
from the “Functions” drop down menu, select “insert marker”
a new marker shows up, selected with the cursor in the DESCRIPTION FIELD, ready to type a description.

Open the Marker panel.
Now, use a KEY COMMAND to “insert marker”, (instead of the drop down menu)
a new marker shows up, BUT the new marker is NOT SELECTED and you have to double click in the description field to type a description.

This may not seem to be a big deal, but I have a macro setup to, open marker panel and insert a marker. Then since the new marker is already selected and the description field ready for typing, it is quick and easy.
I have used this macro in cubase to quickly mark sections of a project that correspond to a script, scenes numbers and such. I was able to do this WITHOUT a mouse using my MC Control. Now, since I have the macro programmed and assigned to a button on my MC Control, I have to mess around with mouse in the marker window scroll down to the end, double click in the field.

It seems like the insert marker command should work the same if you use the KEY COMMAND or the DROP DOWN MENU from the marker window.

OK, well It seems after spending more time getting to know the more detailed marker system in Nuendo, I have found there is a separate key command to do what I am looking for.
The key command is: “Insert and Name Marker”. As I am coming from Cubase this is new stuff, I will spend more time researching before I post from now on.
just FYI, in Cubase, the “insert marker” does what “insert and name marker” does in Nuendo, however, Nuendo also has an “insert marker” command, but it does not behave the same way as it does in Cubase. :blush: