Insert MIDI CC bundle


The Init string in the expression maps is very useful to reset selected CCs to the indicated value.

This can sometimes not be enough. For example, you may want to start all the CC11 values to 110, but they will then change during the piece to follow volume changes.

Something very useful would, therefore, be a command to insert those init values as real values in the Play ‘track’. Selected ones would be better, but all would be fine.

I’m personally spending a lot of time inserting CC7, CC11, CC73 and CC72 values at the beginning of each track, knowing that I will make heavy use of them, and letting the expression map reset them in the middle of a piece give unexpected results.


An answer to myself: the Init string in the expression map can already be all that is needed.

  • Most instruments will be fine with the default values.

  • Instruments requiring a special value will receive it, just some ticks after the starting point, to avoid overlapping with the Init string.

  • Values changed during the piece will take predominance over the Init values.


Hello Paolo,

I’m not completely sure if I understand your follow on note - but on bullet point two there is a setting in the playback overrides to control how many ticks before a note that the expression map does its thing if that helps you adjust any.

If you do ever have to make an edit of multiple CC like that (sounds painful) I think I’d create a Playback technique just for that purpose so that you could just type the text for it and be done. Might put it at certain rehearsal marks if its still irritating and its a point to which you commonly rewind.

Just my thoughts,

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Nice idea! I had not thought of it, and it seems to do exactly what I was asking for, just in a different way.


I started doing this with my Expression Maps in Cubase a few weeks ago. I created an ExMap entry called “init” and loaded it with appropriate CC’s and values for things like Master Volume, Expression, Velocity X-Fade, and Humanization. Doing it at the ExpMap level allows me to tailor appropriate defaults for each instrument category. Works great so far.

It was Dorico’s Init in ExMap creation that gave me this idea.

Maybe everybody else was already doing this.

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