insert mode question

hi there,

I love insert mode, it’s great – but is there a way to insert more beats into one measure without affecting another?
for example, I’m trying to insert a few more sixteenths into a free measure (i.e. without time signature), and I don’t want it to affect the measures following it…

also, as a follow-up – is it possible to insert another bar without time signature between other free-time bars?
(I tried doing this via Shift-B +1, but that did nothing.)

Thank you!

The answer to both of your questions is no, at least for now. We will (hopefully soon) add options for Insert mode that will allow you to choose between adding (or removing) time for the current voice only (the current behaviour), all voices on the current instrument, or all voices on all instruments.

And while you cannot add a bar in an existing open meter using the Shift+B popover, you can of course simply create two barlines, which effectively does the same thing.

Got it thanks – so then what is the easiest way to insert beats to a free-time measure that is already followed by a free-time measure? Do I just delete the barline between the two free measures and try to realign things later?
this is quite a pain – I have roughly 20 free-time measures which need to be readjusted…


Yes, for now I think the easiest thing to do would be to delete the existing barlines and put them back in again in the right places.